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Beauties of Ex Yugoslavia

Ex-Yugoslavia used to consist of six Republics. We’ve incorporated some of their most beautiful areas so you can get to know them while traveling with us.

Your travel starts from Belgrade, the Ex-Yugoslavia’s capital, today the capital of Serbia. Numerous rivers run through towns of the region, so there is your chance to enjoy walking along the rivers banks in some of the most beautiful towns in the Republics that once made the country of Yugoslavia. Let the travel begin starting from Belgrade on the Danube and Sava, to Uzice, a town that once was named Tito’s Uzice, on the quiet yet fast flowing river Djetinja, to Sarajevo on the Miljacka, to the wonderful town of Mostar on the beautiful river Neretva. You will also visit Dubrovnik, a marvelous town by the Adriatic Sea and then continue traveling to the town of Trebinje on the Trebisnjica, the biggest sinking river in Europe, to the Bay of Kotor, known as the Adriatic Bride, to the village of Njegusi, to the town of Cetinje, to the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica on the beautiful river Moraca, and then from Montenegro back to Serbia and Belgrade where your travel ends.

Day 1, Serbia: Belgrade
Arrival in Belgrade and sightseeing. Visiting the prime locations and top attractions including cultural and historical monuments, and Kalemegdan Park occupying a wonderful hilltop location that overlooks the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. Checking in to the hotel. Dinner at a national restaurant in the Skadarlija district. Overnight.

Day 2, Serbia: Belgrade – Užice
Breakfast. Checking out of the hotel. Today you start the travel passing the towns of Gornji Milanovac and Cacak, and Ovcarsko-Kablarska Gorge, while the guide tells you the story of “Serbian Holy Mountain”. Arrival in Ovcar Spa and visiting the Blagovestenje monastery built in the 17th century. The road leads you on to the village of Zlakusa known for its pottery manufactured in the ancient way. You have the opportunity to see the process of manufacturing where potter’s wheel is used and if interested you can try clay molding yourself. The next stop is the Potpec cave where you have lunch – pan-fried trout, freshly caught just for you. Nearby there is the ethno village “Terzica avlija” where you can experience the miracles of a typical village of Uzice. Arrival in the “Zlatiborska noc” hotel. Free time at disposal until dinner. Dinner. Overnight.


Day 3, Serbia: Mokra Gora – Užice

Breakfast. Today at 10,30 your travel begins by the ”Nostalgia” tourist train that runs on the Europe’s famous narrow gauge railway gage, the Sargan Eight. After the train ride you will visit St. Ilija Church, the parish home, the spring of healing White waters which heal, as they say, the eye illnesses. Visit of Mecavnik Hill where the film director, Emir Kusturica created the Wooden town – Drvengrad, the urban style ethno village. Transfer to Uzice. Lunch at a national restaurant. Guided visit to the hydroelectric power plant on the Djetinja River, Jokanovica House, and the local museum. Free time at disposal until the return to the hotel located in Bela Zemlja. Dinner. Overnight.


Day 4, Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Breakfast at 6 o’clock. Checking out of the hotel. Transfer to Visegrad at 7a.m. Guided travel passing Mokra gora, Kremna, and the Dobrun monastery. At your arrival in Visegrad you will hear the story about the old bridge and history of the town while visiting the Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic Bridge, built in the second part of the 16th century, that is still known as The Bridge On The Drina, according to the Nobel prize winning novel written by Ivo Andric. The road leads you to Sarajevo. Visit to Bas Carsija and its attractions where you can try the well known specialty – Sarajevo’s kebab. Visit to the source of the Bosna river at the spring Vrelo Bosne. Transfer to Mostar. Visit to the Old Bridge, to the Towers of Halebija, Hercegusa, Sahat Kula (Watch Tower), to one of the oldest monuments - the Kriva Cuprija (Sloping Bridge), to the Old Bazar Kujundziluk. After seeing all of the sites in Mostar, your travel continues to the Tvrdos monastery with guided visit of the monastery complex. Transfer to Trebinje. Checking in to the three-star hotel. Dinner at konoba. Overnight.


Day 5, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Breakfast. Transfer to Dubrovnik and sightseeing. Visit to the Stradun, Onofrio’s Fountain, Orlando’s Pillar, St. Blaise Cathedral, City Hall, and the Duke’s Palace. Visit to the Orthodox Church and Museum containing a fascinating collection of icons. Free time at disposal until returning to Trebinje late in the evening. Dinner at konoba “Stara Hercegovina“ in Trebinje. Overnight.

Day 6, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro

Breakfast. You can take a walk through Trebinje before visiting the historic hill Crkvina, where the Serbian Orthodox Church Hercegovinian Gracanica is located. Within the Curch complex there is the gallery of icons and the last resting place of Jovan Ducic, the famous Serbian poet. Visit to the Arslanagica Bridge built of stone in the 16th century. After crossing the Trebisnjica river, one of the biggest sinking rivers in Europe, you can visit the Museum of Herzegovina with Ethno House with various archeological exhibitions as its symbol. Visit to the Poet Square where you can see the heritage the poet Jovan Ducic left to his town. Transfer to Montenegro. The area is rich in Mediterranean vegetation – palm trees, agave, mimosa pudica, oleander, pomegranate...Arrival in Herceg Novi, a town of the rich history. Visit to Kotor with its wonderful Old Town resembling Venice with its narrow streets and passages! It is certainly a town rich in history with beautiful architecture that symbolizes old coastal towns! Checking in to the hotel. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 7, Montenegro – Serbia

Breakfast. Checking out of the hotel. The famous Lovcen’s serpentines road leads you higher up to the serpentine 25 that overlooks The Bay of Kotor known as the Adriatic Bride, where you can take a break taking photographs of the place. The road winds uphill where you come to the village of Njegusi, ”the capital of cheese and dried meat” and try those famous specialties. Transfer to Cetinje, then the capital Podgorica and finally back to Serbia. Passing towns of Nova Varos and Prijepolje, you arrive in mountain Zlatibor. Checking in to the hotel. Dinner. Overnight..


Day 8, Serbia

Breakfast. Checking out of the hotel. You travel passing Gornji Milanovac, and Rudnik, arriving in a small town of Rudnik, where a short break is made. Your travel continues to Topola. Guided visit of the cultural and historical complex where the decision for the First Serbian Uprising was brought. Visit to Oplenac, the historic place where the mausoleum of the Serbian Karadjordjevic Royal Family, the House of King Petar, and Karadjordje’s Mansion are located. Visit to the King’s cellar built in 1931. Lunch at the”Vozd” restaurant in Topola. Return to Belgrade, End of the tour.

The package price is formed depending on the number of people interested in the tour and the date.

The package includes: visits according to the package tour, accommodation and services according to the package tour, the guide.

Note: All your suggestions and proposals are taken into consideration; it is also possible to create the package tour that fits your exact desires.


Yours Columbo & Amigo travel.

The package tour is possible to be realized with 12 plus applicants.




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